Yesterday my friend Marly posted an interview opportunity so I decided to take it. Hey, blog content is good! Here are the questions Marly asked me and my answers.

1. If you had to paint your house all one color, inside and out, what color would you choose?

Funny, but most of the inside of my house is already one color. We repainted most of the inside a very lovely creamy color with slight peach undertones. I love it and I’ve not got sick of looking at it in most every room, yet, so I’d have to go with that if I were forced to use it inside and out. But I have a 4 y/o, so you know, the walls get decorated for me.

2. Which celebrity couple would you be most likely to trust with your child?

Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson. Seriously, who wouldn’t trust Tom Hanks?

3. At a business function, would you rather fart very loudly or visibly wet your pants?

Oh dear GOD. I once visibly wet my pants when I was in the second grade and I’m still scarred by that. I went to Catholic school and there were very strict rules about when we could go to the bathroom. On the other hand, oddly enough, at the same Catholic school in…third grade…I once farted loudly as we were filing in to church for Friday morning services. It was, of course, super quiet in there, I was starting to sit and just getting close to the pew so it echoed REALLY loudly. The rest of my classmates blamed it on a boy named Mark. Being a smart child who’d already suffered one grade school humiliation, I didn’t correct them. Sorry, Mark! Neither of which answers your question, but since I’ve already experienced both, I should be exempt from further bodily function humiliation, don’t you think?

4. If your husband got an invite to the Playboy Mansion, would you let him go alone?

Absolutely. Look, my husband loves me, I’m secure in that. Going to the Playboy Mansion would be fun for him and make for a super cool story. I wonder if he’d let me go to the Playboy Mansion by myself?

5. Describe your most embarrassing moment as an adult.

The fact that I gave so much information to you all in #3. Actually, I’ve been thinking about this since I read the questions last night and I can’t think of one embarrassing moment as an adult that’s stuck with me. Not to say I’ve never been embarrassed as an adult, because I have. And had embarrassing moments. But none that stick out for me so much that I can even tell you one, let alone the most embarrassing. Um. Knock on wood. I don’t need any either.

Thanks, Marly. Those were fun but not too painful!

Want to be part of the interview fun? Follow these instructions:

1. Leave me a comment involving the words, “Interview me.” (I’m going to limit it to four people, for my sanity’s sake)

2. Be sure to include your email address (required to post on my blog anyway, so just make sure you include a valid one), because I will respond by emailing you five questions. (I get to write the questions.)

3. You will update your blog with the questions and your answers to the questions.

4. You will include this explanation and an offer to interview someone else in the same post.

5. When others comment asking to be interviewed, you will get to ask them five questions.

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