The Kindle…for Penthouse readers who come for more than the pictures.

As further proof that some people read the articles in these magazines and don’t just look at the pictures, I was tipped to this by you know who.

In the Tech section of the February 2008 issue of Penthouse is an article on “ridiculously beautiful and completely unnecessary gizmos for the office, at home or out and about”

One of the five things highlighted is the Kindle, with a short feature. “Amazon, which has undeniably revolutionized the book-selling business over the past decade, is betting that e-books are the future of publishing. With this impressive device, it’s easy to see why…”

But the most interesting, to me, of the short piece was this last line

“…the prices [for Kindle books on Amazon] aren’t as low as we’d expected compared to hard copies, particularly for paperbacks.”

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