I have a question for all the authors and aspiring authors reading along. When you send in a submission to an editor, is there a period of time that you think an editor responds too quickly? No, don’t laugh, seriously!

I’ve been reading a lot of slush submissions recently, trying to find some shorter length books to fill holes in my schedule. As we’ve discussed before, editors and agents rarely read the whole of a submission they’re going to reject. So if I’m going to reject a book, I can tell quickly (that means if you’re waiting to hear from me and have been waiting, it’s a positive sign because I take longer with acceptances, on the whole, as I have to read the whole manuscript once, maybe twice and then contemplate it). But I’m not sure if it’s better to send a rejection the day or a few days after the book has been received, and put the author out of their figurative misery, or to wait a certain amount of time to give them the warm, fuzzy feeling that their book has received due consideration (the book has received due consideration either way, but I know how perception can play a part in this).

So, what do you think? Rejection letters as soon as I know, regardless of whether it’s the day after submission, or wait a week or so to let the author revel in that nerve wracking feeling of waiting to hear?

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