I had to clean out my spam email today (over 3000 of them) and as I scanned the titles to make sure nothing legit got caught in there, I was amused by some of the subject lines. So courtesy of my spam email I give you:

5 things you’d like to hear/see (just not in your spam mail):

1. So big it can’t be real

2. She will beg to give head after this

3. Your request has been approved.

4. So huge she nearly fainted

5. I need you, urgently!

And 5 things you never want to hear, whether it’s spam or not:

1. 3 inches can be yours

2. Your wife always mentions your little dimensions

3. You feel like a pig because your tool is not big

4. Hey, are you the guy who cannot make love?

5. Your member will grow like a flower but will never fade

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