Yesterday already seems like it was an eternity ago. It’s amazing how much you can pack into a few days.

Yes, my luggage did show up. When I woke Monday morning, my message light was flashing. Luggage was here! The hotel had it up to me in five minutes. It was so nice to know I was going to have fresh clothes to wear (and a coat!)

First thing Monday morning I had a meeting to do an evaluation of the O’Reilly website and Conflink. It was a paying gig, lasted 45 minutes and at the end I was handed moolah. Score! Once that was done I did what was the most critical part of this trip: I searched out the nearest Lush and booked it over there. I haven’t been in a Lush store in months and I think I was going through withdrawals.

It was neat because it was about a 15 minute walk away so I got to see some of the city on my walk. After hitting Lush, I walked back on a different street, browsed Times Square, did the tourist thing by hitting M&M World (where I got some souvenirs for Brianna) and Hershey’s.

After that it was lunch with Cindy Hwang and Leis Pederson from Berkley at Ruby Foo’s where we stuffed ourselves and had some great conversation. Chatting with both of them is always a lot of fun!

I came back to the hotel in a food coma, but did not nap (thought about it) and instead watched a couple episodes of Chuck Season 2. Then it was off to the races again!

I met Erin Galloway and Alissa Davis from Dorchester for drinks and tapas at Kemia Bar. Convenient for me because that’s where the TweetUp was later. Even though the hostess kept trying to tell me I’d have to leave at 8:30 because of the private party. She just did not believe I was invited to said private party. Again, Erin and Alissa were fabulous fun to meet and chat with. The great thing about conferencing in NYC: meeting up with publishing people I respect so much!

Erin and Alissa had to leave me as the TweetUp was starting. I have to admit,I was nervous about this since I wasn’t really going to know anyone, but Kassia Kroszer was a fantastic hostess and I got to meet some incredibly fascinating industry professionals from all areas that I would never have otherwise had the chance to meet. I must not have had too terrible a time since I was there to the end (sometime around 11pm). Second night in a row I didn’t get to bed until after midnight.

Conclusion: Day 2 of my NYC trip made me very glad to be both in the city and at the conference.

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