So those of you who don’t follow my Twitter probably didn’t get to hear the adventure of my travels yesterday. The adventure of 2 delayed flights, being rerouted to a new flight through Salt Lake City and how Delta lost our bags. Yes, they managed to lose my luggage for the second time this month. As we speak, one of our bags is supposedly here in Vegas (though not in our possession yet) and the other is in, wait for it…Portland, Oregon. No, I don’t know how that happens. Especially since both were supposedly in New York last night and on their way here. Apparently, Portland is on the way? Then, to top it off, after we finally got here (late) last night, Hertz had our car reservation but no car with which to fill that reservation. Genius. But, you know, there’s really nothing you can do except keep a sense of humor about the whole thing and carry on.

We did walk around the casino last night (of course) and I watched the craps tables for awhile. I don’t understand craps at all so this morning we’re going to attend a craps lesson. Because I need something other than slots or blackjack where I can lose my money. Although with our run of bad travel luck yesterday (I mean, seriously, not much went right. Well. The planes didn’t crash. That’s something), but with our bad travel luck, I figure we’re due to win some major money here in Las Vegas. Right? Heh.

Since I woke up at 6am LV time, we’re going to grab the chance to have some breakfast, tour the casino and then go get some craps lessons. We have no other plans for the day. Jaci and Charlie should be here by lunchtime and then it’s off to the tequila bar in the hotel! (okay, not really, but it sounds like something wild and exciting).

Wish me good gambling luck! Oh, and pray our bag makes it from Portland.

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