Announcement and random thoughts

As announced on Twitter this morning, I’m super excited to tell you that Samhain is going to start offering our front and backlist in DRM-free EPUB format starting in May. We’ve got a good jump on this, we just need to give our over-worked formatter time to get it all together. Many of you know that I’m a big fan of standard formats, like EPUB, and also a huge believer in not using DRM. Samhain (and really, most epublishers that I know of) don’t use DRM and never have so for us the big announcement is really the addition of the new format, not the DRM-free.

Did you know that Samhain editors are on Twitter? You’ll find most of the Samhain editors Twittering there, as well as our submissions coordinator. They Twitter about submissions, edits, editing, and life in general. Plus, we’re going to start doing some Twitter contests coming soon!

In the conversations from Twitter file: this past weekend I asked for recommendations for political thrillers and action adventure novels in the vein of Nelson Demille, Clive Cussler, Tom Clancy and Robert Ludlum. I got some great recommendations (and am always happy for more if you have them). I started with two recs. One from agent Deidre Knight for The Girl She Used to Be by David Cristofano. I bought it and loaded it onto the Sony last night. And devoured it. It’s a totally compelling read. The author has a very readable narrative voice and I had to keep turning the pages to see where the story would go next. The main character is interesting, though not entirely likeable, but that actually works for the book because she’s not a perfect character, but an entirely real one with real flaws. I don’t regret spending the $10 for this book and I highly recommend it!

The other recommendation that I followed up on was James Rollins. I decided to go with Sandstorm, the first in his Sigma Force series. I read the first few chapters after I finished The Girl She Used to Be and enjoyed them. I’m looking forward to this evening when I can pick Sandstorm up and keep reading!

The Twitter pitch (twitch) post is still going strong. I’m going to pull some of the favorites and highlight them in a blog post this week.

Last, unrelated to publishing but relevant, I’m going to be traveling a lot in the month of April. We just decided (today) to road trip to my parents’ in North Dakota for Easter. We’ll leave early next week and won’t come back until the following Wednesday. I’ll have a day to pack and regroup before I head to WRW retreat and from there to RT for a week! I’m a little tired just thinking of it but excited because we’ve never gotten to spend a holiday with them since we’ve been married (or since Brianna was born) because of the distance and work schedules. So yay!

Locker room realizations

Today after we worked out, I casually mentioned to Josh that his brother had called just as I’d reached the locker room (I had Josh’s phone since he doesn’t get a locker, just gives me his few things). When he asked what he’d had to say, I said I didn’t know as there are rules against using cell phones in the locker room. I supposed (aloud) that it was so no one had the opportunity to take pictures with them. I then tossed out a comment about how often I get an eyeful of naked women in the locker room.

He was shocked. Apparently, being naked somehow doesn’t occur in the men’s locker room? Or if it does, it occurs infrequently, in haste or out of sight of other men. Whereas in the women’s locker room, it’s not unusual to see women in various states of dress, including buck naked, walking around, drying their hair and watching TV (yes there’s a TV in the locker room).

But he reports that men don’t do that. And that if you have to be naked in the men’s locker room, you do it quickly. Or you’re only naked under a towel, even to take under off/put them on. Okay, that image made me laugh because…really?

It seems that men don’t want to look at other men’s dangly bits, or have theirs seen. It must make having to use those public urinals particularly painful.

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