You know who thought there might be some concern about that, since I apparently haven’t blogged in something like five days. Who knew? I’ve been spending a lot of time flooding Twitter with my random thoughts, and I really haven’t had anything I wanted to blog about. I’ve opened the “add new post” page every day but…had nothing to add.

I did add a page (look at the top of the blog) for Couch to 5k, though. So I’ll at least try to update that.

Also, prize winners, I just now realized I didn’t get your prizes sent out. Ack! I’ll do that this week. I think my concentration is shot because I’m having to adapt to a new routine now that you know who is home. It’s not a terrible thing, it’s just taking some getting used to. I’m so used to having this (mostly) set routine Monday-Friday, with about 6 hours of total silence. Not only do I not have the routine so much anymore, I don’t have the silence. Plus, to further throw things off, I’ve started working out. I’ve noticed I’m a lot more forgetful, easily distracted, and less focused than normal. Hopefully once I get used to this, those things will get better.

It has been weird weather here and we had a gorgeous weekend, so we went to the beach. I should do a post on our weather cycle. Friday the 1st, we were at the beach. Sunday/Monday it snowed and I have pictures of Josh and Brianna out in the snow.Then Saturday pictures of Brianna wearing shorts, standing by the snowpile, with the convertible (top down) in the background. And Sunday? Beach pictures again. We went, in 5 days, from the coldest day of the winter (1 degree) to 70+ degrees. Kind of bizarre. 2009-02-27-15-03-18-img_2797

At some point, the computer will let me upload all the pictures I took, and maybe I’ll be able to share them!

So anyway, I’m not dead. Though I did do my running in the cemetery today. Is that weird?

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