Is going to be the MONTH I take off from blogging. I think I’m using all my interesting thoughts up on Twitter. But, hey, at least I’m not boring somewhere! If you’re wondering just what there is to talk about on Twitter, in the past few days I’ve had conversations about the shifter anthology submissions I’m reading, how I handle revise and resubmit letters, whether or not I’d wear those leggings (liquid silver in color) or that T-shirt (that talks about flushing), what the movie Watchmen is like and if I should go see it in the theater, a sample of some of the most…interesting (and rather hysterical) writing, and whether or not Commissioner Gordon ever finds out Batman’s real identity. See, I told you. Not boring.

I have, I’m sorry to say, absolutely nothing interesting to report here though. I’ll try to do better. You know who is still job hunting, Demon child is going to be home in the afternoons from now on and I am…working on that whole concentration thing. I’ll get there!

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