I’m going to beg for votes. But in this case, it’s okay because voting isn’t necessarily about having read the books. So I don’t feel bad. Much. I’ll move on from that though 😛

If you’re not following the Dear Author/Smart Bitches DABWAHA book “tournament” you must go follow the voting. And while you’re there, if you get there before midnight tonight, please vote for Mexican Heat by Laura Baumbach and Josh Lanyon, and Rough, Raw and Ready by Lorelei James. Both are Samhain books (ebook only for Mexican Heat, the print version is available from MLR Press) that I edited! We want them to move forward!

Not only that, but if Mexican Heat loses, I lose my first place standings in the bracket picks and, well, we don’t want me to lose bragging rights, do we? Of COURSE not.

So go vote, please. And if you haven’t read the books, you should check them out because they are mightily awesome. I’m not shy about that!

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