Want to see me do the Thriller dance?

Or something equally silly? I’ve promised to choreograph, video and upload a ridiculous victory dance if I get first place in the DABWAHA brackets. I’m in first now but am about to be knocked out with these next rounds.

Before 6pm I need you to vote for Hunger Games!

After 6pm I need you to vote for Dark Desires After Dusk. And watch this blog for more voting needed.

You know you want to see me dance 😛


Okay, I have no shame…

I’m going to beg for votes. But in this case, it’s okay because voting isn’t necessarily about having read the books. So I don’t feel bad. Much. I’ll move on from that though 😛

If you’re not following the Dear Author/Smart Bitches DABWAHA book “tournament” you must go follow the voting. And while you’re there, if you get there before midnight tonight, please vote for Mexican Heat by Laura Baumbach and Josh Lanyon, and Rough, Raw and Ready by Lorelei James. Both are Samhain books (ebook only for Mexican Heat, the print version is available from MLR Press) that I edited! We want them to move forward!

Not only that, but if Mexican Heat loses, I lose my first place standings in the bracket picks and, well, we don’t want me to lose bragging rights, do we? Of COURSE not.

So go vote, please. And if you haven’t read the books, you should check them out because they are mightily awesome. I’m not shy about that!

TBR Day: Price of Passion by Susan Napier

Yesterday, when I realized TBR day was today, I also realized just how little I’ve read for pleasure in the last month. I think part of this is because I’ve gone through a huge number of submissions and read more fulls in the past few weeks than I did in the previous six months. Mostly due to the fact that I had a really large number of submissions to my shifter anthology.

So I was pretty well resigned to the fact that I hadn’t read anything that would qualify for the TBR challenge because every night I pick up my Sony Reader and page through the 200 books on there, start a few and stop reading. Depressing. In looking at my Library Thing while reading this post, I realized that yes, I hadn’t read a huge number of books, especially in the past two weeks, but in the past month since the last TBR day, I’d read at least two books that qualified and that I very much enjoyed: Pride (Werecats, Book 3) by Rachel Vincent and Wicked Lovely by Melissa Marr (I’m still working on Ink Exchange (Wicked Lovely) by Melissa Marr, it’s going a little more slowly for me).

But last night I decided on a whim to turn to my old standby: category. And more specifically, Harlequin Presents. Cheers to HP for always giving me mind candy that I can enjoy without investing too much time or thought (and I mean that in a purely complimentary way, honest!)

In browsing my Sony (hurray for being able to browse by collections I set up, like categories, rather than just the author/title)I found Price of Passion (Harlequin Presents: Pregnant Mistresses) by Susan Napier and decided to give it a go, though most anyone who knows me well will tell you I’m so not a fan of the secret baby trope (which doesn’t explain why I bought this. Maybe because it’s Susan Napier?)

The Amazon blurb:

Kate had learned certain lessons as Drake Daniels’s lover:
Lesson number one: the price of loving Drake was not to love him.
Lesson number two: never give him what he expected.
Discovering she was pregnant certainly fulfilled lesson number two. Drake had made it clear commitment and children were not on his menu. Now Kate must break her news. But when she sees Drake, passion kicks in, begging to be indulged again…

Category is often hard for me to write a review of, because I don’t always have a lot to say. But I did enjoy this book, particularly the heroine. I didn’t find her dense, silly, to suddenly lose brain cells or some of the other things that sometimes prevent my enjoyment of category books. She was smart, she stuck up for herself, she didn’t let the hero walk all over her and she was likable. The book is entirely in her POV, so it was harder to feel close to the hero, but he wasn’t a total asshole and I never wanted to wrap my hands around his neck and squeeze it like a tube of toothpaste. So clearly the book was a win for me!

I should say that I particularly liked the opening, and I did enjoy the setup/plot of the book and the progression of the story. It just felt very well-structured and oddly believable (oddly because that doesn’t always happen in HP). If you’re a fan of category, I do recommend this one!

And since I had brain freeze and forgot I’d read the other two books that would qualify for this month’s TBR challenge (even if I’ve yet to actually meet the genre/category goal) I will say that I also recommend Pride (Werecats, Book 3) by Rachel Vincent and Wicked Lovely by Melissa Marr

What (Samhain) editors want

At Samhain Publishing, despite all the great books on our current publishing schedule, some of the editors have spaces to fill. They’re looking for talented authors and quality manuscripts where “it’s all about the story”.

For details of the editors actively looking to acquire manuscripts, and the type of manuscripts they’d love to see, check out the list below.

Please also check http://www.samhainpublishing.com/submissions for full instructions on how to submit to Samhain Publishing, whether directly to an editor or to the general submissions inbox.

Note: If you have any general questions about submitting (such as which elements make a manuscript unacceptable to Samhain), please don’t email an individual editor. If you can’t find the answer on our submissions page, please email the general submissions inbox—editor@samhainpublishing.com—and our submissions coordinator will get back to you. Also, please don’t email the same manuscript to two Samhain editors at once!

The editors and what they want:

Lindsey McGurk:

For me, it really is all about the story. I’m ready to be wowed by unique, structured, conflict-driven stories in ALL subgenres and am especially fond of reunited couples, friends-to-lovers tales, mistaken identity plots and road romances or adventures that keep characters on the move.

I love the unfulfilled tension of inspirationals, traditional Regencies and other sweet romances, but my wilder side also craves sizzling erotic romance and romantic erotica. To support Samhain’s commitment to unique and varied offerings, I’d love to see more books with exotic settings, historicals set in unusual time periods, and non-traditional character types. Short stories (of at least 12k) and novellas are very welcome at the moment, and I’m also hankering for fairytale and other classic retellings, screwball comedies, and superheroes.

But I also love the excitement of falling for stories I didn’t know I wanted—menages with BDSM play, ghost romances, shifter heroes and demon slayers (and thank goodness, or I wouldn’t get to work with fantastic authors like Mari Carr, Carolan Ivey, Mandy M. Roth or Sydney Somers)—so don’t be restricted by what I want, just make your best effort to win me over by emailing your submission to: lindsey@samhainpublishing.com.

Heidi Moore:
I’m looking for strong heroines and even stronger heroes. I’m particularly keen on cowboys, vamps and shifters in any setting you can make work. Fantasy or futuristic, down on the ranch or between urban high-rises, whether you have a traditional couple, an interesting threesome or a hot pair of manly men—it’s all about the story. 😉

Some of my authors include Shiloh Walker, Jenna Bayley-Burke, Liz Craven, Ann Cory, NJ Walters, Evangeline Anderson and Ember Case. Email your manuscripts to Heidi at heidi@samhainpublishing.com.

Deborah Nemeth:
Male/male romance is selling very well for Samhain right now, as are Red Hots, so those subs are always welcome. I’m eager to sign more authors who write Renaissance/Georgian/Regency/Victorian-set historicals—especially red-hot Regencies, Regency romantic comedy, Regency suspense, or paranormal Regencies.

I love paranormal romance but would like to see something other than vamps—witches, ghosts, djinns, genies, cat shifters, dragons, fallen angels, whatever—only because I already have quite a few authors writing vampire series. In general, I prefer fantasy in richly layered worlds over sci-fi or futuristic-set romances. Romantic suspense interests me if it’s well-paced, with high tension, especially when the romantic conflict is deftly interwoven with the suspense plot.

When it comes to straight contemporary romance, I’m looking for deeply emotional stories with fresh premises and real external conflict—not stories that rely on the same old I-was-hurt-before-and-don’t-want-to-trust-my-heart-again for the sole conflict. And, last but not least, I’m a sucker for romantic comedy that makes me laugh out loud.
Email me at deborah@samhainpublishing.com.

Laurie M. Rauch:
I’m looking first and foremost for a good story… a story that makes me laugh or makes me cry, but most of all makes me sigh at the end and know that two (or sometimes more…) people who were meant to be found each other and are happy.

I’m open to just about anything heat-wise, a good ménage (or more), BDSM, super-hot, a closed door or anything in between. I’m particularly looking for paranormals, urban fantasy, romantic comedy, romantic suspense, Red Hots or contemporary romance. And, you get to be a part of the Geekery!

Queries, questions, and submissions can be sent to laurie@samhainpublishing.com.

Anne Scott:
I love to edit a variety of different subgenres.
1) Shapeshifters. Werewolves, absolutely, but I enjoy other shifters, including cats, selkies, and anything that you can make work!
2) I adore m/m romance from red hot to closed door. If you have tamer m/m romances, I’d be excited to read them. I’d also love to see an f/f romance.
3) Romantic suspense requires a careful hand to keep both the romance and suspense strong. Ideally the romance and suspense are balanced and interdependent as they build together towards the book’s ending.
4) Interracial/Multicultural. I’d love to see heroes and heroines from different backgrounds, cultures and/or races. In any subgenre.
5) Fantasy romance or fantasy with romantic elements. Take me away to a place that is different, with strong, fresh, intriguing world-building. Magic, other worlds, other beings, psychic powers. Show me something new!
6) Menage. I want menage that explores the emotional growth when three people are involved in a romance. It should be hot, yes. But three can make it complicated emotionally, and that is what intrigues me.

I’ve edited books by Cathryn Fox, Sami Lee, Mary Wine, Linda Winfree, Moira Rogers and Emily Veinglory. I’d be happy to receive submissions directly at anne@samhainpublishing.com.

Sasha Knight here. One of my authors (I’m looking at you, Ms. Ally Blue) has appointed me the title The Editor Queen of Samhain’s Gay Romance. I do love the manlove, and edit such fantastic authors as the aforementioned Ally Blue, J.L. Langley, K.A. Mitchell, Joely Skye, Josh Lanyon, Jordan Castillo Price, Claire Thompson, Z.A. Maxfield and many others. I’m always on the lookout for more gay fiction.

But that’s not all! I love urban fantasy, paranormal romance, contemporary romance, action-adventure suspense romances and space opera romances (sci-fi/futuristic with lots of action and romance), all with any level of sexual heat you want to throw at me. There’s plenty of room in my 2009 release calendar, and I’d love to see what you have to offer me.
Email me at sasha@samhainpublishing.com.

Angela James:
I’m probably the busiest of the editors, since I’m also the Executive Editor, so I’m throwing my info out there only for those who for some reason are interested in working with me in particular, even knowing I’ll be a busy editor. Since I trained them, I highly recommend all of the editors, you can’t go wrong with their skill, dedication and passion. They’re the reason Samhain’s books are outstanding.

I’m happy to edit just about any romance genre. I’ve been reading it since I was in fourth grade, I’ve learned to love everything about romance. But I’m also an avid fan of science fiction, fantasy, and urban fantasy, in both my pleasure reading and my editing. I edit about 60 Samhain authors including Lilith Saintcrow, Jaci Burton, Deidre Knight, Lorelei James and Lauren Dane.

Right now, I would particularly like m/m (any time period or heat level), futuristic romance, urban fantasy, and hot contemporary romance. However, I do edit in all genres across the board (though I’m a really tough sell on romantic suspense) and have a good number of bestselling books and authors at Samhain, in a variety of genres.

You can email me at angie@samhainpublishing.com but please, please, please read the submissions guidelines first!

Other acquiring editors not listed:
Bethany Morgan
Tera Kleinfelter
Linda Ingmanson

In search of some recipes

1) for homemade dinner rolls. I did use this recipe and they were good, but only straight out of the oven. I’m wondering if they needed to be raised longer, or if that’s just how it happens with dinner rolls. Bake only enough to eat?

2) for homemade pancakes. I’m looking for both a fluffy recipe and one that makes slightly flatter pancakes.

3) for homemade pizza crust.

4) for hummus. I have a basic hummus recipe but I like to see what other people use/add.

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