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Is going to be the MONTH I take off from blogging. I think I’m using all my interesting thoughts up on Twitter. But, hey, at least I’m not boring somewhere! If you’re wondering just what there is to talk about on Twitter, in the past few days I’ve had conversations about the shifter anthology submissions I’m reading, how I handle revise and resubmit letters, whether or not I’d wear those leggings (liquid silver in color) or that T-shirt (that talks about flushing), what the movie Watchmen is like and if I should go see it in the theater, a sample of some of the most…interesting (and rather hysterical) writing, and whether or not Commissioner Gordon ever finds out Batman’s real identity. See, I told you. Not boring.

I have, I’m sorry to say, absolutely nothing interesting to report here though. I’ll try to do better. You know who is still job hunting, Demon child is going to be home in the afternoons from now on and I am…working on that whole concentration thing. I’ll get there!

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I am not dead

You know who thought there might be some concern about that, since I apparently haven’t blogged in something like five days. Who knew? I’ve been spending a lot of time flooding Twitter with my random thoughts, and I really haven’t had anything I wanted to blog about. I’ve opened the “add new post” page every day but…had nothing to add.

I did add a page (look at the top of the blog) for Couch to 5k, though. So I’ll at least try to update that.

Also, prize winners, I just now realized I didn’t get your prizes sent out. Ack! I’ll do that this week. I think my concentration is shot because I’m having to adapt to a new routine now that you know who is home. It’s not a terrible thing, it’s just taking some getting used to. I’m so used to having this (mostly) set routine Monday-Friday, with about 6 hours of total silence. Not only do I not have the routine so much anymore, I don’t have the silence. Plus, to further throw things off, I’ve started working out. I’ve noticed I’m a lot more forgetful, easily distracted, and less focused than normal. Hopefully once I get used to this, those things will get better.

It has been weird weather here and we had a gorgeous weekend, so we went to the beach. I should do a post on our weather cycle. Friday the 1st, we were at the beach. Sunday/Monday it snowed and I have pictures of Josh and Brianna out in the snow.Then Saturday pictures of Brianna wearing shorts, standing by the snowpile, with the convertible (top down) in the background. And Sunday? Beach pictures again. We went, in 5 days, from the coldest day of the winter (1 degree) to 70+ degrees. Kind of bizarre. 2009-02-27-15-03-18-img_2797

At some point, the computer will let me upload all the pictures I took, and maybe I’ll be able to share them!

So anyway, I’m not dead. Though I did do my running in the cemetery today. Is that weird?


I ran this morning, the second day of the Couch to 5k. I might add a page here so I can track my progress without inundating you all with said progress. Today was somehow not as easy as Day 1, but not terrible. I fear for the next week, when I have to run for longer periods of time. Can’t I just do Week 1 forever?

When I got home and got to work, I found the news that Barnes and Noble has purchased Fictionwise for 15.7 million dollars. Congratulations to Fictionwise and the Pendergrasts (the founders of Fictionwise), that must feel amazing.

I also found that Colleen Lindsey had declared today QueryFail Day on Twitter and that she thought I should participate. I hadn’t really intended to read queries today (I was going to edit) but I’m all about joining in and playing along. So I did. All. Day. Long.

If you want to check it out:


or here:

And more on QueryFail day here at Colleen’s blog:

I just want to say that while I did try to do some query wins as well, statistically speaking, the query fail is more likely in an agent/editor’s inbox. We just…get a lot of bad stuff. Especially in the query letter itself. And some of the queries, while not bad enough to fail, aren’t good either.

But QueryFail day was entertaining to both participate in and read, because some of the queries were…oh my. Well, you need to go read for yourself.

More on the Couch to 5k

I should have included links and more info on this in my post yesterday. I meant to but I think I ran out of steam.

So for those who were asking, you can find info on the program here.

There’s a chart that tells you what to do for each workout, three times a week. But even as I start a workout plan, I admit that I’m, at heart, lazy and I want it to be as easy as possible. And keeping track of the time segments seemed like work to me, so I was glad when Sarah mentioned podcasts and then sent me a link. I did some further research on my own and came up with a couple of different sites that offer podcasts.

I also found one site that tells you how to make your own–which I did actually try my hand at last night, just to see if I could make one. It was time consuming but not too difficult. I think the main thing is that each podcast is only good for one week of exercising, so if you’re making your own, you could use the same song playlist for each week and just go into the audacity project and move the countdown/timer marks each week. That means you only outlay the major part of your time once, changing the time markers would only take about 5 minutes after that. Or, you could download this podcast and lay it over top of yours. Because this podcast has no music, only the audio cues for changing. I think I’ll try using this to do that. Cool. That would make making your own go a lot more quickly. (ETA: this isn’t going to work, sadly. Imported the mp3 and the time markers are way off. Dang it, that stinks).

Suz’s Couch to 5k podcasts (this is the one Sarah shared with me)

Nicole’s Couch to 5k podcasts (I’m going to try this one next, I think)

Robert’s Couch to 5k podcasts

Podrunner: Intervals by DJ Steve Boy (this is the one I used yesterday, but it’s techno so if you don’t like techno at all, it won’t really suit you. I liked it for the beat) This link also has podcasts for other interval training sessions.

Chubby Jones’ Couch to 5k podcasts

Christian music Couch to 5k podcasts

To answer a question from the comments in my last post, some of these are available on iTunes, yes. The best way I found to do it was to just search the iTunes store for the name of the podcasts or Couch to 5k, and I found what I needed.

Last, this site is a really good resource for articles, etc about the Couch to 5k program. If you’re interested in the program, check it out. But I did notice in searching around that if you search Couch to 5k, there are a couple of communities out there designed to offer support/convo about this program, if that’s something that inspires you.

Couch to 5k

That’s what I started today. I was supposed to start yesterday but, well, we were kind of “snowed in” and I certainly wasn’t going to go break an ankle on the snowy/icy sidewalks. So I started this morning (at my local Y, on the treadmill). If you’re not familiar with this, it’s a 9-week interval running program designed to take you from the couch (that’s me!) to 5k (3 miles) of running. The reason it’s successful for many people is because of the fact of being an interval program–you start slow and build. The program encourages you not to skip ahead but instead to follow it as it’s designed. But if you need to repeat a week and stretch the program to more weeks, that’s okay too. You set your own pace.

So I did day one today, which is a combination of 60 seconds of running then 90 seconds of walking, which didn’t really seem to bad. I did notice, since I was on the treadmill, that I only went 2 miles, but I was told on Twitter that as long as I did 20 minutes (I think I actually did slightly more) that I was fine. Okay then.

One thing that makes it a lot easier to do this is to use the music podcasts that have been designed for this program. That way you don’t have to wear a watch/use a timer, but instead listen to the music which has a cue in it when it’s time to switch from running to walking and vice versa.

Right now my goal is to just finish the program and run the three miles. Once I’ve done that, I’ll decide on what my next goal will be. I’ve been challenged to do the half-marathon in Virginia Beach in September but that’s…a lot of running. I’ll be impressed if I get to three miles in three months. Girl Scout cookies all around if I manage that!

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