I’m leaving town again. Yes, I did just get back from three weeks of traveling to North Dakota, Virginia and Florida. But I’m still leaving again. Thursday we’re off for a fun trip to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina where Josh and I are meeting up with some of his longtime friends for a long weekend at a beach house there. We’re dropping Brianna off to spend some time with my in-laws while Josh and I have an “adults only” weekend. It should be fun. From there, I’m flying to NYC where I’m going to be giving a short presentation at Digital Book 2009 on the topic of digital publishing and the role of DRM (anyone want to wager a guess what my main message will be?)

I’ll be flying home on Wednesday, so my time away will be less than a week, but when you add in all my other recent traveling, it does seem like a lot, doesn’t it? That’s how conference season usually feels, though. Like you’re always heading to or catching up from traveling.

So next week I’ll be editing and packing. This past week I dedicated to clearing out my inbox, because it was getting out of control. I’ve also been reading submissions and will continue to do that through the weekend.

And unrelated to anything, yesteday afternoon I took the day off to have a date afternoon with Josh (it’s significantly cheaper for us to keep Brianna in daycare for an afternoon than it is to hire a babysitter to come in at night!). We went to lunch and did some shopping, but the main reason for our date was to go see Wolverine. Yes, I did enjoy my glimpses of Hugh Jackman unclothed, but I also enjoyed learning more about the story behind Wolverine. I’m told true fans of the comics aren’t that happy with the movie, because it’s not true to the comic story, but I liked it. It was exactly what I’d expected.

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