Seussian Ode to Pralines

I like pralines in the dark, I like pralines in a park.
I will eat them on a boat, or even while crossing a moat.

I can keep them in my purse, their sugary goodness makes me curse.
I will savor them with a book, my “oh yes” face will be quite a look.

Pralines, pralines day and night, getting the last one causes a fight.
I will eat them here and there, I will enjoy them everywhere.

I would share pralines on twitter, I can think of nothing fitter.
Try it, try it and you may like Guas’s praline recipe I say!

Damgoodsweets gives me hope and a praline recipe so I can cope.
I like pralines, Don I Am, am so happy I can make them now, I can. I can!

It’s not too late for you to join in the dessert fun. Head to Twitter, hashtag #damgoodtweet and enter your humorous dessert tweet for your chance to win an iPod shuffle and a signed copy of DamGoodSweets (but if you win the signed copy, I think you should send it to me, k?)

Contest ends today at 5pm Eastern so go go go!

If you’re at BEA, go visit Don Linn at the Taunton Booth #4159 and tell him I said hello, and check out their other cookbook offerings. I hear they’re offering sweet treats at their booth!

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