Samhain wine extravaganza at RWA Nationals!

It’s all about the party! Samhain Publishing is thrilled to announce our plans to host an informal meet & greet at the RWA National Conference in Washington D.C. Attendees from all walks of the industry are invited to join us to mingle with favorite Samhain authors, chat with our editors, learn more about digital publishing and opportunities at Samhain, or just to drink really great wine. The event will be held Friday, July 17 from 4 to 5:30 p.m. at the conference hotel in Angela James’ suite. To receive the suite location, please enter your info into the widget below and it will be sent to you via text message Wednesday July 15th. Please note this is the same suite the Rogue Digital seminar will be held in so you only need to sign up for alerts on one event. (if you are reading this other than on Angela’s blog and cannot see widget, please visit there to enter your info into widget:

Please help us spread the word and reach out to RWA attendees this year in Washington D.C. See you all there!

All questions can be directed to the comments section of this post (

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State of mind matters

Last night I decided to pop open the submissions folder on my Sony (the main reason I love the Sony over the Kindle, because I can HAVE a submissions folder) and realized that I hadn’t loaded recent submissions on there, so most of them I could delete most of them. One I couldn’t remember if I’d read so I gave it a glance. After the prologue, I realized that I had already looked at it, and though the premise was interesting, the writing was unpolished, there were too many technical errors for me to consider taking it on (because while I’m willing to correct some in edits, I can’t afford to take the time to edit a book that’s flush with them), the dialogue was awkward, and there were some things that didn’t quite make sense within the story.

But I liked the premise, enough that I decided to keep reading just for the heck of it, and see where it led. About halfway into the book, I decided that, instead of rejecting, I’d offer the author a revise and resubmit letter. Which, if you know anything about me, you know I’m not totally keen on because I so very rarely see those books returned (and I do mean rarely). But I thought the author might have promise, could clearly craft a unique premise, and I’d do my part to help her along.

This morning, when I opened my spreadsheet, I found that I’d marked this book to receive a rejection letter but hadn’t sent it yet. When I read it the first time, the obvious errors and all the issues I noted above meant that I was going to reject it. Being in a more generous frame of mind last night, I decided to give the author a chance with a revise and resubmit letter. Let me tell you, that doesn’t happen very often and really, it shouldn’t have to.

Of course, every author hopes that every editor and agent will do this every single time with their book, but the fact is, it’s up to the author to make sure the book doesn’t need a second chance because it’s entirely likely it won’t get one. So yes, state of mind matters, but it’s the author’s job to make sure that the book shines through and wins despite the editor/agent’s state of mind. Because that’s the only thing the author has control over. You can’t tell the editor/agent to only read your book when they’re not overwhelmed by work, ticked off by some correspondence they’ve just read, or getting ready for vacation. Truth is, there is always something going on in the editor/agent’s life. Don’t make it easy for them to say no. Make it easy for them to say yes!

Recipe request!

I had such good look asking you all for specific recipes before that I’m going to try it again. I would like tried and true recipes for macaroni salad as well as cold tuna pasta salad. I had a friend who used to make the most amazing macaroni salad that had cubed cheddar cheese with either miracle whip/may and I think sugar. And peas. I loved that macaroni salad but over the years I’ve lost the recipe and never been able to find one that replicates it. But outside that recipe, I’m just looking for a really great macaroni salad recipe, whatever the ingredients. And a good cold tuna pasta. Who can help?

Informal call for submissions

Sometimes I put out an anthology call and I’m going to be doing one of those very soon, but in asking for ideas for my next anthology, I realized I would have liked to have gotten some holiday novellas. Historically, I have saved my December release spots for novellas, often erotic romance novellas and generally holiday-themed novellas. In the past, authors from within my “stable” of authors have provided these novellas but only one has indicated any interest this year so I’m putting out an informal call for submissions.

If you have a holiday-themed novella you’ve been working on, something that’s completed (or soon to be completed) I’d love to see it. Visit our submissions page for all submission information, including the email address to send it to. All questions about this should be directed to the submissions email, please don’t use my contact form here for questions related to this. I will also answer questions in the comments, as well.

In the query letter that accompanies your submission, please note that you’re responding to my request for holiday-themed novellas.

I’ll probably be looking to have those books contracted and scheduled no later than the end of July.

WordPress 2.8 Public Service Announcement

Some of you may have noticed that I was having some pretty major problems with the blog over the weekend. The problems coincided not just with my WP 2.8 upgrade, but also a server crash on my host site. So I originally thought it was a server issue. But when it didn’t resolve after a few days I realized there was an issue with the blog, something preventing me from making new posts.

After some discussion with the ever-helpful Bree (half of Moira Rogers–they have a new release from Samhain this week, Sanctuary Lost. I’ve read it! They and their editor did a great job. Check it out). Ahem, anyway, with her help and after some discussion, I went ahead and deactivated all of my plugins. Sure enough, that solved the problem.

So I reactivated the plugins one by one. The one plugin that caused issues? Tweet This. When I reactivated Tweet This, the bad lag/posting problems appeared again. And in a twist of irony, when I tried to visit the Tweet This plugin site, their website wouldn’t even come up.

So if you’ve upgraded to WordPress 2.8 or are thinking of it, and are running Tweet This, try deactivating that plugin to see if it solves your issues. Hopefully they can upgrade the plugin to be compatible with WordPress 2.8 because it’s a nifty little plugin that I’d like to be able to use again.

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