Well, kind of live. This weekend I’m at the Lori Foster Get Together in Cincinnati, which brings together just over 300 readers, authors and various industry professionals. Since I’m so stellar at blogging from conferences (ha ha) I thought I’d try something different with some short clips from various attendees showing their thoughts on digital.

I’ll be asking each person just one question each, and it might be anything from “what do you use to read your digital books” to “why don’t you read digital?” and hopefully covering some questions in between. If you have any specific questions you’d like me to ask about digital, shout them out in the comments and I’ll add them into the mix (I’m always happy for something different).

I’ll post a mix of the interviews at various times, Vimeo and my internet connection permitting (trying to upload the videos has almost defeated me). Since this is the first time I’ve used the Flip for this purpose, if you have any feedback, please share it!

(please ignore the silly still shot of me that holds the video. Ack!)

Let’s Talk Digital Part I from Angela James on Vimeo.

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