This morning I gave a two hour presentation on epublishing to standing room only. Of course, it sounds impressive, but that was maybe 30 people. At least 20 more were unable to fit into the small room, much to our mutual dismay. I had quite a few people look into the room to try and come in, and many say they walked by but it was standing room only, even in the doorway. But it’s encouraging to see so many people interested in learning about the business of epublishing–and the business model.

I took a bunch more videos, both of the conference and of individual readers/authors asking them about digital publishing. I’ll be posting those on Monday.

A couple of quotes I thought were interesting:
“Why would I spend $25 on one hardback when I could get three books instead?”

“I’m much more likely to buy books from an author I’ve met in person.”

“You’re shorter than I realized.” (I’m not THAT short).

It was a fun day, though I’m fairly sure I talked for thirteen hours straight. Talking for two hours on epublishing is always entertaining but hard on the throat. Good thing I love the topic.

There were a bunch of raffles during the conference. I was fortunate to win two of them, including an absolutely stunning crocheted afghan in shades of red/dark red made with “green” yarn (yarn made from recycled materials. It’s so soft and cuddly, I adore it. And I also wonan Ed Hardy purse filled with fun goodies (like chocolate body paints, kama sutra set, perfume and a t-shirt) from Red Sage author Liane Gentry Skye. I love, love, love Ed Hardy and have looked at the purses many times but given how many purses I own, know my husband would move me out of the house if I spent the money on. So I’m thrilled to have won it. Thank you, Liane!

Tomorrow winds down the conference, and I don’t leave for home until tomorrow night (getting home at almost midnight). Next up: RWA Nationals!

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