Some of you may have noticed that I was having some pretty major problems with the blog over the weekend. The problems coincided not just with my WP 2.8 upgrade, but also a server crash on my host site. So I originally thought it was a server issue. But when it didn’t resolve after a few days I realized there was an issue with the blog, something preventing me from making new posts.

After some discussion with the ever-helpful Bree (half of Moira Rogers–they have a new release from Samhain this week, Sanctuary Lost. I’ve read it! They and their editor did a great job. Check it out). Ahem, anyway, with her help and after some discussion, I went ahead and deactivated all of my plugins. Sure enough, that solved the problem.

So I reactivated the plugins one by one. The one plugin that caused issues? Tweet This. When I reactivated Tweet This, the bad lag/posting problems appeared again. And in a twist of irony, when I tried to visit the Tweet This plugin site, their website wouldn’t even come up.

So if you’ve upgraded to WordPress 2.8 or are thinking of it, and are running Tweet This, try deactivating that plugin to see if it solves your issues. Hopefully they can upgrade the plugin to be compatible with WordPress 2.8 because it’s a nifty little plugin that I’d like to be able to use again.

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