Or is it ‘me’? I forget, but hey. That’s why I have Angie!

While she’s out partying with *sniff* all the cool kids, we’re the pathetic and forlorn Left Behinds. Every year when RWA rolls around, everyone who isn’t there stands around, kicking rocks.

Well not this year, baby!! We’re having our own parties and conferences! There’s plenty to do while the kitty-cat’s away.

Sure, it’s not quite the same as rubbing shoulders with agents in the bar, or walking through cloud of molecules that Nora just walked through, but it’s a ton of virtual fun. And best of all, because our parties are held in cyber-time, when the folks in DC are finally winding down, the Aussies are still hitting it hard! It’s a virtual world, baby!

First, for those of us who just HAVE to know who said what to whom (see? I know my grammar.) there’s the “Blogging Nationals” blog. They’re starting off nicely with a list of everyone who blogged RWA yesterday — at least 23 different links for you to follow. Think of all the voyeurism possibilities!

Every day the Blogging Nationals blog will be updated with lists of blog posts. It’s a great way to keep track of people who love to rub our noses in it enjoy putting on their journalism hats for a few days.

Second, if you have ANY interest at all in paranormal and/or sci-fi romance — and let’s be real, if you’re reading Angie’s blog, you probably do — then the Parallel Universe at the Galaxy Express is the place to be.

“Parallel Universe is a special science fiction romance online event that will coincide with the RWA 29th Annual National Conference in Washington D.C. Here at The Galaxy Express, SFR fans unable to attend the conference can gather for a series of guest posts, news, and links.”

They’re starting today with a series of posts and articles from half a dozen awesome sci-fi romance authors, so get there while the gettin’s good!

Lynn Viehl, who is the butter on the home-baked bread of my life, is hosting her own virtual workshop party for the somethingth year in a row. Left Behind and Loving It has begun with a bang and Lynn is well under way with three virtual workshops already posted. For vast knowledge of the craft of writing, there are few teachers who are better than Lynn Viehl. Sit at her feet and learn, glasshoppahs.

And finally. Last but not least. Saving the best for last, and whatever other cliches you want to throw in there…

The Romance Divas Not Going to Conference Conference!!! If you’re not already a forum member…why not? First, it’s awesome. Second, it’s free! You get sheer awesomeness for free! I call that a win-win situation. And that’s just on a normal day. Go register. Now. We’ll wait.


You see, starting yesterday, the NGTCC began with workshops and seminars featuring Josh Lanyon, Rowan Mcbride, Jet Mykles and Shayla Kersten, Carrie Jones, Marley Gibson, Linnea Sinclair, Patti O’Shea, Ona Russel, Steve Hockingsmith, Joey W. Hill and Sasha White.

There will be workshops for just about every genre, from Young Adult to Erotic to Historical. Plus, a workshop on Deep POV, one on going from e-publishing to NY, and a Q&A on how avoid and deal with burnout. And there’s bound to be a few surprises, too.

And the swag? You wouldn’t believe the giftage that’s going on. Over fifty prizes have been donated and the gettin’ is still good.

So spend a little time this week surfing the web and absorbing all the fabulous learning and fun that our buddies who are stuck in DC (*sob*) are missing out on.


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