Kind of last minute for some of these (I’ve been swamped) but I’m both taping and doing live radio interviews tomorrow on through Wednesday. I don’t know when the taped interviews will be aired, sorry! I also don’t know the #s on the “dial” for of any of these stations either. But I do know I’ll be doing more talking tomorrow than I normally do in a week.

Thursday, August 6 Live

7:05a-7:14 Norfolk, Va WXGM-FM Adult Contemporary
7:15-7:24 Middletown-Poughkeepsie, NY WTBQ-AM News/Talk
7:35-7:45 Daytona Beach/Ocala, FL WOCA-AM News/Talk
7:50-7:59 Middleton, NY NC Suburban WLNA-AM News/Talk
8:35-8:44 Regional MA (covers Boston, MA & Providence, RI) WFHN-FM #1 Hits
9:30-9:39 Colorado Springs, Co KCMN-AM #1 Adult Standards
9:50-9:59 Lynchburg, VA WAMV-AM Gospel/Bluegrass
10:20-10:29 Regional New Mexico KWYK-FM Adult Standards
11:00-11:14 Centralia, IL, St. Louis, MO Suburban WILY-AM Oldies

7:00pm-7:30pm Phoenix, AZ KPHX-AM Talk Dr. Mike Newcomb Show

Monday, August 10th Live
9:35-10:00am Lexington, KY WMST-AM Adult Standards

Tuesday, August 11th Live
9:40-9:49 Port Huron, MI WPHM-AM News

Wednesday, August 12th Live
9:20-9:29am Sheandoah, IA Omaha Suburban KMA-AM News

Memphis, TN WREC-AM News
Boston, MA WDIS-AM Talk
Bradford-Jamestown, PA WESB-FM Hot AC
Dover, NH WBYY-FM Adult Contemporary
KJAG Internet Radio
Columbia, MO KRES-FM Country
Detroit, MI WABJ-AM News/Talk
Minneapolis-St.Paul, MN WMIS-AM Talk

Hopefully a few of you will be able to listen and tell me how it sounded!

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