I know things have been (really) silent around here lately. I have a lot of excuses, most of which I can’t share right now but I’ve been dealing with some stressful stuff. More on that later. In the meantime, I haven’t even been on Twitter too much either. But I’ve been getting a lot of stuff done both at work and at home, so that’s a good thing!

Here’s some things you might not know:

My brother is moving from ND to come and live with us. He’s looking for a change and we have an extra bedroom. Plus, it’s a lot warmer here than it is there. Bonus for him! We’re all excited that he’s making this move, and Brianna is doing a “how many days until Uncle Adam gets here” countdown. For those wondering, it’s nine days. Josh is flying out there next Friday to drive back with him. Hopefully by then I’ll have all the bookshelves in the spare bedroom emptied so he has room to move.

Photo 2We got another cat. Diva Eva (or Deva, since that’s what Josh has been calling her). He found her on his way home from work last month. She ran across the highway and he stopped to get her. She was so tiny, not even six weeks according to the vet. We weren’t sure that we were going to keep her, but even more than any of us getting attached to her, one of our other cats, Max, latched right on to her. They’re buds. She’s actually fit right into our family quite well. She’s still pretty skittish, but every week she gets a little more affectionate. Oh, and Brianna named her. If you’ve seen the movie, Wall-E, you’ll get it.

This fall, I plan on being at three conferences including the first annual KillerCon in Las Vegas, NINC in St. Louis and NJRW in New Jersey. Anyone else planning on attending any of these?

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