I don’t do a lot of Brianna posts here anymore, but this conversation was a little too long for Twitter, and it tickled me so much, I had to share.

B: “Phew, something stinks outside the truck window. What is that? Ohhh, I know, it must be the farmer’s plants…they put special stink stuff on them.”

She ponders this for a few minutes and then says, “Are you going to take the Miata?”


“Tomorrow, when Miss Jeri watches me, are you going to take the Miata?”

“No, I don’t think Uncle Adam will fit in the Miata with us”

“Why is Uncle Adam going on date night with you?”

“Because he’s coming along and Miss Jeri is going to babysit you. Maybe next time just Mommy and Daddy will go and Uncle Adam will babysit you.”

“You mean bigsit. I’m not a baby.”

“Well you’re my baby.”

“I know, but I really don’t want you to call me a baby. I would prefer you not call me a baby, because I’m not a baby. How about big-girlsit? Since I’m a big girl now. NOT a baby. Yeah. Big-girlsit.”

“Okay, then, big-girlsit it is” (shoulders shaking, trying desperately not to laugh. And yes, that is exactly the wording she used in the entire conversation. Precocious much?)

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