Two weeks ago I advertised I was doing Golden Heart critiques for a fee. The response was somewhat overwhelming (and flattering) and I had a number of aspiring authors contract with me for Golden Heart critiques. But I also had someone, who wishes to remain anonymous, who felt the fee for the critique might have been a barrier for some writers out there who might have liked to utilize my services. So she generously donated the fee and I’m going to use this post to give away that critique she paid for.

The rules:

1. You must be entering the Golden Hearts this year. Please don’t try to enter to win a free critique of a work in progress that you have no intention of entering into the GHs this year. Clearly, I have no way of knowing this except the honor system, but I’m okay with that.

2. You must promise to pass it on in some way in the future. When or how in the future is up to you. I’m not going to follow up, but again, I’m just going to have faith that you’ll pass on the act of generosity in whatever way you’re able.

3. In the comments below, please paste the first line, and only the first line of your GH manuscript, along with the genre of your book. That’s it. I may choose the line/genre I love the best or I may let do the deciding for me.

I’ll leave entries open until Friday, October 30th and will choose the winner by Monday. Contest is open to everyone who plans on entering the Golden Hearts this year and would like the chance to get a critique before entering. The winner will need to check back on Monday to see if they’ve won. I’ll have you contact me at that time. For the critique itself, the winner will need to send me their complete Golden Heart entry of no more than 55 pages and I will return it by mid-November.

Questions and entries should be made in the comments of this post. Good luck and thank you to the anonymous benefactor. Your generosity is so appreciated.

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