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Tot got a new 18″ doll from American Girl but we had only one doll bed. So Ned made another doll bed and I set about making a mattress for it. This is the new bed with the doll and the old mattress.

IMG_5019 (Small)

IMG_5021 (Small) I found a piece of 1″ foam but wanted to make a 2″ deep mattress. Luckily I had some batting lying around (okay, I have a whole roll of it) and adhered this to the foam.
IMG_5022 (Small) I used a spray adhesive and a drop cloth to prevent the overspray from getting on the floor.
IMG_5025 (Small) Then I stuffed the batting covered foam into the mattress covering. It fought me, but foam is no match for me.
IMG_5027 (Small) I made a mattress covering out of some curtain interlining because it’s soft and cheap.
IMG_5028 (Small) And ta da – mattress created. Now just some handsewing and the doll can sleep on a brand new mattress.

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