woman-cooking Coming off a couple days of traveling and two Christmas parties, it’s hard to get back into my home routine, including menu planning. Normally I have my menu planned by now, so I’m actually going to use this post to do it. However, I do have one thing I know I want to make.

Last week when I was in Toronto, I was taken to dinner at a fantastic Indian cuisine restaurant, Amaya. We ordered an assortment of dishes to share, but the best, by far, was the butter chicken. Oh my God, it was utterly, absolutely divine. I’ve been dreaming about this butter chicken since we had it Wednesday night. So I decided, it’s not that complicated a dish, perhaps if someone has a recipe, I could recreate it. I did look on my standby recipe site, www.allrecipes.com and there are several recipes for it there, but I’d much prefer a tried-and-true recipe if anyone has one? I think I’ll put this on the menu for Tuesday. I can’t wait much longer than that!

Sunday:Pizza casserole (this was the last day I planned and so hard to come up with something, for some reason!)

Monday: Sausage and Lentil soup in crockpot, with Garlic Bubble Bread (only day I knew what I was cooking)

Tuesday: Butter chicken w/ jasmine rice

Wednesday: Leftovers

Thursday: Thai Basil chicken w/sticky rice

Friday: BLTs (at request of my husband). Probably served with tomato soup (from a can).

Saturday: We will probably eat out.

Oof. That was a bit of a struggle. Now I just need a recipe for butter chicken, make my grocery list and go shopping! All of the meat is in the freezer, so I’ll just be shopping for any small or fresh ingredients I might need.

What’s on your menu?

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