woman-cooking Last week’s menu was a bit of a bust for me. I didn’t get to make butter chicken, I decided to put it off until I had all of the spices I need. They’re on their way from Penzeys, which I just discovered last week thanks to Anne Douglas (I don’t actually know if I should thank her, given the size of my order from there. Also, their downloadable catalog is loaded with recipes and information about spice uses). I actually didn’t cook at all on Tuesday…or Wednesday. I just didn’t feel I had time. On Thursday I made Paprika Chicken, which my brother has been asking me to make for weeks. Then, we ended up being invited to another Christmas party on Friday, so I didn’t cook but I did throw together two things to share: goat cheese with sundried tomatos, and a cream cheese/cocktail spread (recipe coming on Wednesday).

I feel like I somehow failed because of how little I cooked last week, but I must admit, I was very busy and the days I didn’t cook, it was simply because I couldn’t think of how to fit even some simple preparation into my schedule. There are days like that! Luckily, the meals I had planned were from the freezer, so no food is going to waste either. I’m going to repurpose two of my meal ideas from last week to this week.

Here was the original beginning of my menu. See anything that jumps out at you (besides the blank spots)?

Monday: Crockpot Salsa Chicken and Spanish rice
Tuesday: Thai Basil Chicken
Wednesday: Chicken Alfredo (by request) w/fresh bread
Thursday: leftovers
Friday: Butter Chicken

Every day I had planned was a chicken dish! So I revamped my menu a little, and also realized that I wouldn’t have been able to make Chicken Alfredo on Wednesday because Brianna has gymnastics until 5:30 so anything for dinner has to be done in the crockpot or prepared ahead of time. I put it there originally because my brother is off from work and so would be home to enjoy it fresh instead of reheated, but I moved it to Thursday since he’ll be home by 6pm that day and I can actually make it and not just pretend like I’m going to.

Sunday: (for lunch we’re having the BLTs previously scheduled for a meal last week, because we do need to use the lettuce and tomatos) and for dinner: Shrimp Pasta–I haven’t quite decided between my lemon shrimp pasta recipe or the Shrimp Tomato Pasta posted by Pioneer Woman this week.
Monday: Crockpot Salsa Chicken and Spanish Rice (the rice I can do ahead of time and reheat quickly)
Tuesday: Leftovers
Wednesday: Barbecue Beef in crockpot (because chuck roast is on sale) w/french fries
Thursday: Chicken Alfredo w/fresh bread
Friday: Leftovers
Saturday: eat out?

I should point out that some days when I have leftovers scheduled, we get to that day and there are no leftovers. I still don’t cook. We’ll just have sandwiches, frozen pizza, soup or whatever we can dig up on those days.

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