I’m all about making the holidays easy, as you can see by the cracker candy recipe I posted last week. I know a lot of you actually made that and it seemed to turn out well, and I’m going to share another easy recipe with you. If you still have holiday parties to attend between now and New Year’s, you can make this in fifteen minutes and have a really good dip to share that people will love–if they like seafood. Or serve it as an appetizer at your holiday dinner. This recipe, I got about four years ago from my friend Jaci Burton and I’ve made it many times since for a number of parties and it is always a hit. Sorry, no photos for this recipe. I did take them, but well, it just doesn’t photograph nicely though it tastes great!

Crab and Shrimp Cocktail Spread


1 block of cream cheese, softened

1 jar of cocktail sauce (I use the Kraft zestier version but you can even make your own if you want it to be less easy)

1 can of cocktail shrimp, drained

1 can of crab meat, drained

or 2 cans of either shrimp or crab, if you don’t like one or the other.

A box of Wheat Thins (or your cracker of choice, but I like Wheat Thins with this)


1. Please, please, please let your cream cheese soften for a few hours or this won’t work and you’ll be cussing me out. Get a serving platter (I use the disposable ones from the dollar store so I can leave my dip behind and/or not worry about dishes. I like to get a platter that has a lip, so I can cover it with plastic wrap & it doesn’t sit right on the spread) and spread the cream cheese evenly around the platter.

2. Top half the cream cheese with shrimp and the other half with crab meat.

3. Pour the bottle of cocktail sauce over the shrimp and crab and spread it around. It won’t look pretty. It will taste amazing.

4. You’re done. Cover it with plastic wrap, or foil, and throw it in the fridge until your party. Serve with Wheat Thins for scooping. Don’t tell anyone how easy it was.

I made this, along with a goat cheese spread (delicious! and pretty!), for a party last weekend and people couldn’t move themselves away from the tray. It’s disturbingly addictive and good for how simple it is. Interestingly, the crab half was more popular than the shrimp half. I know Jaci makes her with just crab, but I like the shrimp too and I think making half and half gives people a choice.

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