I’m not sure how it can possibly be time to menu plan again. Didn’t we just do this? I ended up cooking an extra day last week, because I had planned for leftovers but we didn’t have any. I hate it when that happens. I wouldn’t have minded so much if we had eaten the leftovers but we had to throw out an entire pot of pasta because the shrimp we got was mushy and it just ruined the entire meal, which would have otherwise been fantastic. Bleh.

So this week is Christmas week, which for some people means more cooking but for me means less. Yay! I don’t usually cook on either Christmas Eve or Christmas, because, well, I don’t want to. I am tossing around the idea of cooking on Christmas, but it wouldn’t be anything fancy, just ham. So here we go:

Sunday: Seafood lasagna (this is one of the few meals I’ve been repeating in my my menus about once a month. I find I haven’t been repeating a lot. Variety is one of the benefits of meal planning!)

Monday: Fire roasted tomato soup and BLTs (the BLT part is Josh’s request, even though he just had them last week).

Tuesday: Oven-baked pork chops, fried potatoes and green beans.

Wednesday: Chicken Alfredo (I was supposed to make this last week, but ended up substituting something else for some reason).

Thursday (Christmas Eve):Dinner out at Famous Dave’s, then off to see the lights and live nativity

Friday (Christmas): Brunch out (maybe ham in, maybe appetizers? we’ll see)

Saturday (Brianna leaves for a week!): No cooking because we’re taking B to my in-laws for a week. Child-free alert!

So let me live vicariously, what are you making this week and/or for Christmas? I also thought of doing appetizers on Christmas, so we had something to graze on all day, but I don’t know what I’d make. Suggestions?

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