This tutorial was written by Jane of Dear Author.

Tot received an American Girl dog (Honey, if you were wondering) for Christmas. She really wanted the dog bed.

At $18, though, it wasn’t happening. I did think I could replicate it, or even improve upon it. What do you think?

Materials List:

  • Two ovals of fabric (one will be your lining)
  • Two ovals of heavyweight interfacing (I cut four but needed only two in the end).
  • One oval of batting
  • Two strips of fabric that is the diameter of your oval + 1″ for length SA and 1″ height SA
  • One strip of heavyweight interfacing that is the same length as the fabric strip
  • One strip of Peltex or Timtex that is the diameter of your oval and the height of the side of the dog bed (this will be 1/2″ smaller all the way around your fabric strip).


Step 1: Cut out the entry for the dog bed from the Peltex:

Step 2: Iron on the interfacing.

Step 3: Sew the top side of the dog bed following the edge of the Peltex and trim.

Step 4: Open out the strip and sew the side seams so it forms a loop:

Step 5: Sew down the batting on the bottom of the dog bed.

Step 6: Mark the side of the dog bed in quarters and mark the ovals in quarters. Match up the quarters.

Step 7: Sew one of the ovals to the side of the dog bed. It helps to fit the oval bottom if you sew a long gathering stitch around the edge.

Step 8: Repeat steps 6 and 7 for the interior of the dog bed. I will note that the lining was extra big so I would suggest to sew the interior of the dog bed with a slighter larger SA like 3/4″. IMPORTANT! Remember to leave a space of 3-4″ to turn the dog bed right side out.

Step 9: Turn right side out and sew your interior lining closed.

Step 10: Admire your work!

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