Sorry for the lack of Sunday post last weekend. I was on the road to (and from) North Carolina to leave Brianna with my in-laws for the week. And right from there we went to the bar to watch the Colts sit Peyton Manning and their starters and crush my husband’s fantasy football win. Ah well. Plus, it would have been a boring weekly menu because I didn’t do much cooking this week for a couple reasons 1)Brianna wasn’t here and I feel like the other two adults can fend for themselves 2)we were still eating leftovers from the weekend (and ham, lots of leftover ham!) and 3) we were planning on tearing the kitchen sink out. And did, but that’s a story for another post. With pictures. So from last Sunday to this Sunday, I cooked only twice. Though I also made beef jerky, so that should count for something!

Now I have to get back into our routine. Daycare will open tomorrow, so I’ll be back to dropping off/picking up B., and we’ll have swimming and gymnastics again this week on Monday and Wednesday. Um. Yay? Currently, my kitchen is a disaster area (a true disaster area, thanks to the sink remodel) so I’m not sure how much cooking I’ll be able to do today. Sad, because I wanted to bake. Possibly rum cake. And bread.

So let’s see if we can plan a menu that I’ll actually be able to get into the groove and follow. And use some of the obnoxious amount of stuff (chicken) in the freezer I realized I have.

Sunday: Playing it by ear because there’s no sink there yet. Will probably prep bread dough tonight.

Monday: Chili. Maybe skillet cornbread.

Tuesday:Butter chicken. I WILL have butter chicken this week. I will I will. And basmati rice. I’d like to claim I’d also make homemade naan, but that would be stretching it on a weeknight.

Wednesday: Slowcooker chicken stroganoff with homemade garlic rolls. I’ve linked to the recipe I used for chicken stroganoff in the past. The italian dressing sounds strange, but it really is super tasty. I always read the top five to ten reviews to see if there are any changes I want to make, as well.

Thursday: leftovers

Friday: Date night thanks to monthly free babysitting at the Y!

Saturday: General Tso’s chicken (that means Josh is cooking. Besides grilling, it’s the one meal he makes.)

Normally I’d be concerned about all the chicken meals I have planned, but we have a lot of chicken frozen for use, and it’s also on sale at two grocery stores this week, so I’ll let it slide. Plus, those meals sound good!

So, what’s on your menu this week?

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