It’s been cold here lately. On top of that, I’ve been on the computer a lot and the combination of the two makes my wrists hurt a little more from a small amount of tendinitis. I love wrist warmers/fingerless gloves, though all I have is a cheap acrylic pair and they annoy me because the thumb hole on one is too small. I’m afraid to snip it open though, because I’m convinced the whole glove will fall apart then. Plus, they’re kind of scratchy. I want something softer.

I found some cool patterns for wrist warmers/fingerless gloves on my RSS feed a few weeks ago. But I don’t knit and I can barely crochet a straight line (oh woe is me!). In fact, I think I’ve only ever finished two scarves. I have a blanket that’s been uncompleted for years. So I went in search of a sewing pattern for wrist warmers. I found one that uses fleece, but I’m not convinced I’d be happy with fleece warmers. Of course, I turned to my good friend Etsy and did a search. And that’s when I saw these. I love them. I want to buy them. But a (large) part of me balks at the idea of spending $20 plus shipping on wrist warmers. So now I wish I had the pattern for making them. Repurposed knit sweaters? That’s so cool! And I love the design, with the extra layer that makes them look fun and funky.

Sadly, I’m not like Jane, I don’t do well without a pattern, though I’ve managed to suss out a few patterns in the past, I really like to have a pattern and instructions. Or at least instructions. I look at these and think I might be able to figure it out, but at that point it would be so much easier to plunk down my $20 (and I’ll bet the Etsy seller would like it better too!) Anyway, you should check out Etsy seller jill2day’s shop. She’s got some very creative and cute repurposed sweaters, scarves and gloves for sale. I love repurposing!

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