Last week may have been the first week in a while I followed my weekly menu almost exactly. The only day that didn’t get followed was yesterday (Saturday) because I forgot to factor in (as did my husband when he offered to cook) that he wasn’t going to be home. He went to watch a friend of ours fight in a local MMA fight. Oh well! We’ll see if I can do as well this week.

Sunday: Pita pizzas. I have a rather large bag of pitas that got accidentally purchased, some of which are going to go into the freezer, but I’m going to use them for crust for personal pizzas (with my homemade pizza sauce, yum!)

Monday: Crockpot ribs (now I just have to remember which recipe I used last time that was such a big hit)

Tuesday: Homemade spaghetti w/salad

Wednesday: Leftovers

Thursday: Mexican lasagna w/homemade spanish rice and homemade refried beans

Friday: It’s Mom’s Night Out! Dinner and a movie with friends!

Saturday: Josh’s General Tso’s Chicken (yes, we’re going to try this again!)

I’m laughing a little at this menu. We had SO much chicken last week, and now it appears only once this week? Unbalanced much?

Also, I wonder if I’m the only one who gets little help from their family in planning the weekly menu? I had one day left to fill in (Thursday) and I said to my husband “I need one menu idea for this week”. I got not even an “I don’t know” but no response (yes, he heard me). Hmph. Some weeks menu planning is so hard and it’s nice to have someone help with one or two days! But on the other hand, this way I get to choose what I’m cooking, and no one complains, even if they don’t like what we’re having one day. Well, no one but the five year old.

What’s on your menu this week?

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