For the next two weeks my weekly menus are going to be…pretty much non-existant. This week, I’m flying out to Toronto tomorrow and won’t be back until o’dark-thirty on Wednesday (which translates to just before midnight). Then, Thursday morning I’m having lasik and, well, I don’t think I’ll be cooking much Thursday. I’m going to shoot for cooking on Friday, though.I fly out again Monday and won’t be home until that Thursday. So…yay for me and not having to cook! But I’ll give this week’s “menu” a bit of a shot anyway.

Sunday: Football food (wings and lil’ smokies wrapped in bacon) for lunch. Pork chops for dinner.

Monday: I’ll be gone but today I’m cooking up a Boston Pork Butt for bbq sandwiches for them to eat for dinner.

Tuesday: They’re on their own, but there will be leftovers.

Wednesday: Ditto.

Thursday: Order pizza.

Friday: Shrimp pasta and fresh baked herb bread (both recipes from the Pioneer Woman website)

Saturday: Mexican lasagna w/spanish rice

So what’s on your menu this week?

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