I promised myself on February 1st I’d turn my attention to breathing life back into my poor blog. It was never my intention to be absent this long, but my energies, by necessity, had to be focused elsewhere. However, I have no intention of closing down this blog or letting it die, so I’m going to pour some of that energy into thinking of how to be interesting on multiple blogs at once. Wish me luck!

Those of you who’ve been reading my blog since the beginning–five years! I missed my blog birthday back in January during my blog hiatus– have also been watching Brianna grow up, and we’ve gone far too long without pictures of her on the blog. I share them on Twitter, but I know many of you aren’t on Twitter (or aren’t paying attention on Twitter) so I have to show you how .5 (her name before she was born because we refused to tell anyone what we were naming her until after she was born) has grown up. She’s such a little girl, with quite the (stubborn) personality. Incredibly fun, and funny, bright and imaginative, and way too charming for her own good, she’s really an amazing joy to spend time with.

We got about ten inches of snow dumped on us this past weekend. More snow than we’ve ever gotten at any one time in the decade I’ve lived here. Brianna was beside herself with joy. I grew up in North Dakota but she’s the one who longs for the snow they get there (I don’t get it, myself). Here’s a few quick pics of her, and the dogs, romping in the snow.

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