Brianna often spouts off a lot of funny one-liners that I share on Twitter, but sometimes our conversations are too long to share on Twitter. This morning, she got me pretty good.

Last night she had swimming lessons, and I’d brought a long-sleeve black rashguard for her (because the pool is COLD) and some random swim bottoms that were not black. As she was changing into them, she asked if I had matching bottoms to go with the black top. I explained that it was okay, because black goes with everything. She processed that for a few seconds, asked if brown went with black (don’t ask me why she was fixated on brown) and then said “okay”. That was that.

This morning, she got dressed in pink sweatpants and a pink shirt. I told her to go find her tennis shoes and she said, “I’m not going to wear my tennis shoes.”

“Okay, what are you going to wear?”

“My black boots.”

“No, you can’t wear your black boots, they don’t go with your outfit.”

“But, Mommy, you said black goes with everything.”


Little brat. I was actually speechless. She wore the black boots.

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