You’ve already seen examples of Jane’s sewing prowess here on the blog, but I’m going to show you another. Early last December I was bemoaning on Twitter that I needed a new passport holder. I travel to Canada once a month and though I do have a passport holder, I wanted a wallet, because Canada doesn’t use dollar bills, they use $1 and $2 coins and I didn’t have anywhere to put all of those.So I went shopping (on the ‘net) for a passport wallet, something fun, with a coin purse. I didn’t have a lot of luck until I hit Etsy and even then, my choices weren’t quite what I wanted, and holy expensive.

Enter Jane stage left. I found an example of something very close to what I wanted on Etsy, and showed it to Jane on Twitter, asking her opinion of it. Just the picture. That very same night she whipped out a prototype, based on the picture. A few weeks later, I had this totally, amazingly awesome final product in my hands. I love it. It has the coin purse, places for business cards, credit cards, my passport, airline tickets, receipts (for tracking expenses) on one side and cash on the other. Plus, it’s very pretty fabric and it has a snap closure. I used it for my recent trips to Canada and New York (that one sans passport, of course) and it was seriously perfect. Now I’m almost afraid to use it and wear it out! I wish I had Jane’s mad sewing skillz because I need step by step instructions and would angst over every stitch. Not her, she confidently whipped this out from looking at just a picture. Doesn’t she rock?

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