How are things going following your weekly menus? I know I’ve said this before but the reason I do a weekly menu is so I know there’s always something planned, I can shop ahead and because with a menu, we eat more meals than if there wasn’t one. Without a menu, we’d eat a lot more leftovers, eat out more and eat more poorly. And I’d probably spend more time in the grocery store. But there are days where I don’t end up following the menu, for a variety of reasons. So you shouldn’t feel tied to the menu, but use it more as a guide.

Sunday: SuperBowl Sunday! I know, it’s the ultimate day for making appetizers, but we’re ordering take-out from Famous Dave’s. Yay!

Monday: Leftovers (yes, we’re ordering enough takeout to have leftovers)

Tuesday: Spiral ham & au gratin potatoes

Wednesday: Leftovers

Thursday: Ham quiche

Friday: Parent’s Night Out. Date night! No cooking for me.

Saturday: Ham and beans (see my evil plan with the ham on Tuesday? Meals for the rest of the week!)

Valentine’s Day is on Sunday, and we don’t usually go out on VD so I need to plan a special dinner. I’m thinking steamed crab and steamed shrimp, but I’m not sure. Do you do something special for Valentine’s Day? And what’s on your menu this week?

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