I hate to be boring and talk about the weather, but really, this is ridiculous. I posted some snow pictures early last week. We had snow, plenty of it. Turns out, we got another 14-16 inches this past weekend. Something our city is ill-equipped to deal with. No side roads are getting plowed. You should see the hideous piles of snow on our street. Parking is atrocious. People can’t walk on the sidewalks anywhere in town, so they’re walking in the street. Yes, even on the busy roads. It’s beyond dangerous. People were/are without power, living in shelters and generally unable to cope with this much snow. We haven’t had a full day of school in surrounding areas in almost two weeks. And now, on top of it? It’s supposed to snow again. Argh.

Look, there’s a reason I moved from North Dakota. There’s a reason I’ve lived here for almost a decade. Because we’re not supposed to get much snow. That’s how it works, that’s the deal. I hate snow. I lived with 5 plus feet of it every winter for several decades. I had enough. Please no more. Pleeeaasssee.

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