The Olympics, I mean. I’m a self-admitted sports fan. I love watching a variety of different sports, from US football to Nascar. I’ll even watch bowling on occasion (oddly, I don’t like baseball and it’s the one thing I won’t watch). So even aside from country pride, the Olympics are right up my alley, watching the world’s talented athletes show their stuff and compete for public glory. I love it. Love it! I even turn the TV on mute during the day to watch sports like hockey and curling. And it’s not just the US athletes, I’m happy to cheer for athletes from other countries who compete well. I just love something about the excitement of the moment at the Olympics. Maybe someday I’ll get to see them in person, as some of my Canadian friends have been doing this week.

But if you’re not watching, you’ve missed some amazing moments for the US team. The men’s 1500m short track speed skating. Ohno was not going to medal, it was going to be a Korean sweep and then…two of the Korean skaters took each other out in the last turn and allowed Ohno and a US teammate to skate to silver and bronze.

Yesterday’s events were also exciting. Lindsey Vonn skied to gold on an injured leg. Shani Davis became the first man to get back to back gold medals in the 1000m. And Shaun White wowed the world with his snowboarding prowess. Seriously, if you watch nothing else from the Olympics, watch the clip here, of Shaun White’s first and second run (second run is at 3:40 on the video so you can fast forward). Even if you don’t know anything about snowboarding, you can see his talent and feel his joy as he wins. It’s a perfect representation of an Olympic moment.

For photos and videos of other “Golden Olympic Moments” you should visit the NBC Olympic site. Take a moment to celebrate for the athletes whose hard work paid off!

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