I have no real weekly menu this week, as I will probably only cook on Friday and I’m still working out just what that might be. You see, as you read this I’m winging my way to New York City for a conference. I’ll be meeting Jane and Sarah at the hotel and we’ll immediately start enjoying New York City (and the restaurants!) I come home Thursday and on Friday my dad and stepmom will be coming in to town. I’m cooking dinner for them on Friday (we’ll go out for seafood on Saturday) but I have NO idea what to cook on Friday. Any suggestions for a good “company” meal?

So in lieu of a weekly menu, instead I’m going to share a few of the places Jane, Sarah and I have plans to eat at.

Sunday: when we get into town it’s lunch at Sapporo. This is a small noodle restaurant that the doctor who did my lasik mentioned. I went when I was there last week and it was wonderful. The Sapporo special is a rather massive bowl of ramen noodles with some lovely vegetables and meat in it. SO good. We’re going to go enjoy the noodles and the gyoza!

Sunday night we’ll be heading to a friend’s apartment where she’s cooking us dinner (nice, no?) Sarah tells me she bought wine, including a sweet Riesling for me (little does she know that I’ll drink regular whites as long as they’re not TOO dry or oaky. Apparently my palate is…improving?)

Monday: I don’t know where Sarah and Jane are having lunch, they have plans without me (I know, shocking, right?) but I plan to have lunch at Ruby Foo’s. They have the best pineapple chicken fried rice.

Monday night: We haven’t chosen a place yet, hmmm, how did we miss that?

Tuesday lunch: No plans for lunch because this is presentation day. Sarah, Jane and I are doing a presentation together in the afternoon. I also have one in the morning and Sarah has a second in the afternoon.

Tuesday dinner: A quiet dinner with some of my favorite people at Il Gattopardo (Italian, yum!)

Tuesday tweetup: If you’re in NYC and you’re interested in publishing, why not head to the Tweetup from 8-11pm at  Hill Country NYC (live band karaoke? The mind shudders!) we’ll be heading out there after dinner. LOVE the tweetups.

Wednesday lunch: I’ll be having lunch near the Harlequin offices, though no restaurant has been chosen yet!

Wednesday dinner: Sarah and I are heading out sans Jane (she made plans with a friend) with some other friends of ours to Fig and Olive

Thursday morning I’ll be eating in the Philly airport. I know, that’s the one you’re most jealous of, right? So…what’s on your menu this week?

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