Let’s do a lightning round of things I’ve been meaning to post about the past week:

In the past two weeks I’ve been in New York City, had my parents visit, been to Toronto and the Harlequin offices and been laid out by a cold. I think my body is formally protesting.

Have you visited the <a href=“http://www.carinapress.com/blog”>Carina Press blog</a>? We’ve been posting covers over there.

I hate Facebook Pages. That’s all.

Brianna’s mind is quick as hell. I can’t keep up. Earlier in the week she was firing off questions at me faster than I could keep up, including some deep theology questions (“where did God come from?”). My favorite: “Who borned the first person if there was no one to borne them?” (I had no warning leading up to this question). Second favorite: “Why don’t babies get borned from our mouths?”

She also caught me saying someone’s child was homely (and now all of you are wondering if it was your child. I assure you, it wasn’t) and she said “what’s homely?” I feel like a walking dictionary lately because she asks for the definition of everything. I wasn’t expecting to have to tell her what homely is when I’d just used it about someone’s child, though (shame on me). Thankfully, while I was looking up the most innocuous definition of homely I could find, she decided I must have said “lonely” and came up with THAT definition all on her own (“oooh, you mean she’s all alone”). Whew. Note to self: watch what you say!

My travel schedule is picking up. I hope I have time to visit the beach this summer. Is it summer yet? I’m happy to report that most of the snow has melted, though we do still have a giant pile in the front yard.

Last, while my parents were in town, I snapped a bunch of pictures. We went to the beach to collect shells (yes it was cold and yes we are crazy) and I got some great pictures of family, the wild ponies, other wildlife and a random seagull. Below is one of my favorites: my dad and Brianna. It makes me smile because it’s a perfect moment captured.


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