Hello! April already? I’m not sure where March went, but okay. I think I should have gotten Sarah to do a weekly menu for this week, so we could see what she’s doing for Passover, because I’m afraid I have nothing to offer you for Easter weekend. Why? We’re going out of town for the weekend. We’re headed to Washington DC for some go-kart action and an MLS soccer game. Oh, and shopping. We are SO hitting the Annapolis mall. But anyway, I still have to get through the rest of the week and do some cooking, so here’s what I have planned:

Sunday: corned beef and cabbage. I know, this was on my menu last week, but I moved it to today because Josh doesn’t like it and he’s going to be gone, so it works out.

Monday: Chicken & Dumplings. I made this not to long ago but I’ve been craving it.

Tuesday: Salsa chicken and Spanish Rice.

Wednesday: Fried potatoes and sausage links.

Thursday: Homemade baked beans (I’ll be posting the recipe on Wednesday!) and something on the grill. Depends on what’s on sale at the grocery story later in the week.

: Leftovers!

: Out. Of. Town. Yes!

So what’s on your menu? I’m especially interested to hear your Passover/Easter menus! Do you have any special dishes that you’ll be making? And someone mentioned deviled eggs in Sarah’s Passover post, if you have a great recipe please share it!

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