Let me share something sad with you: we spent most of the morning and a portion of the afternoon yesterday doing some grocery shopping at Sam’s Club and Walmart. But I went without first planning my menu for the week, but we already had a long list for each place, of staples we needed. What does that mean? At least one more trip to the store will be in order this week, to fill in any holes because I didn’t plan my menu first. Bad. Planning. So I’m going to try and plan with what we have on hand (we have plenty of meat, it’s the veggies that do me in).

Sunday: Josh is off racing and Adam is sick, so B and Adam requested chicken soup for lunch. For dinner, Adam requested Thai Basil Chicken (it’s spicy and will help clear his sinuses)

Monday: Dinner Made Easy: Burrito BLTs. This is the recipe I shared last Wednesday. It was on my menu last week but I actually didn’t have the ingredients, and I ended up changing my menu and making things I did have ingredients for. Luckily, I had this part of my menu planned yesterday so I picked up the lettuce/tomatos/tortillas then. And we had grilled chicken last night that I made extra of to add.

Tuesday: 40-clove garlic chicken in the crockpot. I bought a whole chicken cut up last week and we buy fresh garlic bulbs in bulk so we’re set for this one. Will serve over mashed potatoes with some canned or frozen veggie from the freezer.

Wednesday: Grilled pork chops with…stuff

Thursday: Leftovers

Friday: Seafood lasagna

Saturday: No cooking

Sunday: I’m planning this one ahead because I’ll be traveling the entire week following (Monday-Sunday) so no menu planning for that week. We’ll probably grill something, though I’m not sure what yet. Possibly chicken drumsticks.

Hmm…I think I’m okay with this menu. The iffy day will be the seafood lasagna. Not sure about that. Anyway, what’s on your menu?

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