I’m a big fan of Etsy stores and I can spend hours surfing on Etsy. Sometimes I’ll look for something in particular, other times I’ll just hit a general browse and look to see what catches my eye. That’s what I was doing when I stumbled upon this apron shop, Snappy Shop. Not only are her aprons full of win, but she has amazingly fun pictures that she uses to model them. In fact, going through her site, I became convinced that I’d love to head over to her house for a meal with her family, because they look like hella fun people!

I’m still deciding which apron to buy (I really love the ones with the matryoshka doll though), I’ll probably get a half apron, since I don’t have one in my collection, but she has such fun “marketing” on her page and such whimsical apron designs, I think they have to be rewarded with a purchase, don’t you?

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