This weekly menu thing is for the birds. Who thought this was a good idea? Okay, the truth is, I NEED the weekly menu, because it’s ugly when I don’t have one (like last week). We seem quite aimless and are always guessing at what we’re going to eat. It causes stress and makes me tired. So a weekly menu it is, it’s just that some weeks, it seems SO hard. Why can’t someone do this for me?

Sunday: it’s Mother’s Day, so I’m not cooking (much). Josh is grilling steaks and corn on the cob. I’m making Crash Potatoes and sauteing some asparagus and maybe some zucchini. And I made both Strawberry Pie and Strawberry-Rhubarb crunch (recipes to come on Wednesday) for dessert because we picked strawberries yesterday (I LOVE strawberry picking!)

Monday: Spaghetti. Yeah, we have this a lot. It’s my favorite meal to cook and to eat. And I love having spaghetti leftovers for lunches.

Tuesday: Chicken stir fry with rice

Wednesday: Pioneer Woman’s Ranch Chicken with mashed potatoes and salad

Thursday: Shish kabobs on the grill (ingredients to be determined but probably beef and/or chicken, mushrooms, grape tomatoes, potatoes, onions and green peppers)

Friday: Parent’s Night Out. Date Night!

Saturday: I’m going to stop planning Saturdays because we always get busy and don’t follow the menu

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