I almost forgot about the weekly menu (again) because I’m currently in Toronto, where I’ll be until Tuesday. So, of course, that means an abbreviated menu this week, but I still need to cook the last part of the week, so let’s see…

Wednesday: pork chops. On the grill if it’s nice, in the oven if it’s not. Baked potatoes. Corn on the cob.

Thursday: Ranch chicken (I was supposed to make this last week, but didn’t). I have no idea what sides I’m going to serve. Side dishes are the hardest part of meals!

Friday: Grilling… fish for me, hamburgers/hot dogs for the others. Corn on the cob and roasted potatoes.

Saturday: Date night! Brianna is going to my in-laws for TWO weeks, leaving this day.

Heh. So it’s a lot easier when I only have to plan for three days. The next two weeks of meals will be different because I’ll be out of town both weekends (once for fun, with Josh, then for work) and because Brianna won’t be here. I tend to cook less and plan ahead less when she’s not around. But there will still be three of us, so we’ll see how the planning goes.

Anyway, what’s on your menu?

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