Working for Harlequin

You quickly learn that you’d better learn to love meetings or you’re going to hate your job. I’m fortunate to work from home, so my participation in meetings I might otherwise have to attend is limited or not required, but I still have a lovely routine schedule of phone meetings (anyone who knows me will laugh at this, as they know the phone is not my favorite). But those people up there in the office? Some days I wonder how they manage to get desk work done, they’re at so many meetings. I feel for them.

Which is why I cringed and felt some guilt when I sent an email today suggesting we set up a meeting…talk about being dragged to the dark side!

Start small

I’ve let my blog go neglected for so long, that every time I think about blogging, I then think…but it’s been so long since I’ve posted, I don’t really want to post THAT. But I come to the realization that if I don’t just go ahead and post something, I may never post again, because it will be that much longer in between posts, that much longer that I let my blog just sit here, doing nothing. And that’s kind of depressing, because even the spammers have given up on my blog.

So I’m starting small, first with a reminder that hey! Carina Press launched! And actually, our week two books are up and for sale. I hope you’ll check out the thing that’s been keeping me away from my blog all these months. And, you know, maybe buy a few books so I have a job going forward. Otherwise I might have a LOT of time for blogging 😛

The other thing I can share is that we scheduled a family vacation to Disney World. We’ve planned it to occur the week before RWA, to take advantage of the RWA hotel rates. Plane ticket prices dropped yesterday and that was our final determination (we had been thinking of driving). I’m excited to do this, despite the fact that we’re going to be in Orlando in JULY because Brianna still remembers our trip to Disney just before her third birthday and she’s been asking to go back ever since. We’re not going to tell her we’re going quite yet, we’re going to wait (until at least the week before). I’m not sure when exactly we’ll tell her. Possibly on the plane ride there? No need in creating an agony of suspense for a 5 y/o any sooner than we have to. Of course, it does make a wonderful threat for good behavior, doesn’t it? As in “you’d better listen or you’re not going to Disney World”?

Last, I’m kind of excited because I only have two more work trips planned for this summer–one to Birmingham, Alabama (if you’re near there, you can come hear me speak on June 26th!) and one to RWA. Other than that, I have all of my weekends free to enjoy the summer and the beach. That kind of rocks, and I plan to enjoy it since I don’t expect to have many summers like this.

Oh, and I got a new lens for my camera. Now I just need to learn how to use it (both the lens and the camera)

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