The lovely Annmarie mentioned that my blog is much neglected (we all knew this) and that it had been far too long since I’d posted pictures of Brianna. At the end of July, we took a family vacation to DisneyWorld that coincided with a work conference for me. Of course, I took a hot ton of pictures so I’m going to share them. There’s no way I can put them all in one post, so I’m going to do 4 posts the next few Mondays and highlight one park each post. Annmarie will be sorry she ever asked for pictures of Brianna.

We’ll start with this photo, since it’s one of the first I took. We had just entered Animal Kingdom on a Thursday afternoon and none of us had on sunscreen yet. And since we’d only been outside a few minutes, we hadn’t had a chance to get hot and sweaty and look like wet noodles. I love this picture of Brianna, though, because she looks SO pretty. She’s extremely excited to be at DisneyWorld and I will say, that excitement didn’t end through the whole vacation. This is one child who enjoyed every single minute of her trip, start to finish. Disney was meant for her.

B at Animal Kingdom

We tried to do a variety of different things at each park (not just rides, but shows as well). At Animal Kingdom, we only had a few hours to see things, because we got there late Thursday afternoon after we arrived in Orlando, so we only had about 4 hours to cover various things in the park. But we did get to see one of the shows, Nemo, which Brianna loved. The colors of the production, as you can see in the photo, were incredibly vivid and the characters went out into the audience. We got there a bit early so we were close to the stage and had great views of all the action, but I’m not sure there was a bad seat in the house. I’m glad we took the time from the rides to see the show. Brianna was spellbound.

In addition to doing rides–and I should mention here that during our entire trip, if Brianna was tall enough to go on a ride, she made her father take her on it. Well, made might be a strong word. He wanted to go too! But she was totally fearless and went on even the most extreme rides at all of the parks. I think there were maybe one or two rides she didn’t go on and that’s only because those had a minimum height of 48 inches, which she hasn’t hit. But in addition to doing rides and shows, we also stopped to enjoy different play areas in the parks. At Animal Kingdom, they had a drumming area set up for the kids. Because it was nearing evening as we got to this area, Brianna didn’t have much competition for playing the drums. And you can tell she was enjoying it because of her open mouth (when she’s doing something with enthusiasm, she has this expression, lol!)

Our last ride of the evening was the Safari ride. Again, since it was nearing closing, we had no lines. And since it was nearing evening, we got to see a few more of the animals (like the lions!). I snapped a few pics along the safari but I’ll only share a few here, since animal pictures aren’t THAT exciting. But who can resist seeing a baby rhinoceros?

I took several pictures of these trees because I loved their shape. I’m a tree person, what can I say? When we’re driving on long trips, I often spot trees in fields, etc., that make me want to pull out a camera. Sadly, I can’t remember what these trees are called, but they don’t get leaves and their shape is just so cool, don’t you think?

As one of our last acts of the day, I tried to get B to pose for a picture with me, with the Everest ride (which she did go on) in the background. She looks like she’s in pain, no? After this, we stopped in a gift shop and she bought her first souvenir–a baby stuffed cartoon Bambi. Of COURSE her first souvenir is a stuffed toy. We also had to sneak past several Disney characters (especially Mickey and Minnie) and distract B as we walked past, because they were still signing autographs but their lines were closed. But she did get to meet some characters the next day at Magic Kingdom. A whole lot of them in fact and I’ll share those next week!

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