I was going to do a contest today, but was already overwhelmed by the sheer amount of Twitter and FB messages I got for my birthday, so I’m going to delay the contest a few days.

Last weekend, we attended a PreK graduation BBQ hosted by the parents of one of B’s classmates. Several of B’s teachers showed up, as did several of the other children who are moving from preK to kindergarten in the next few weeks. In conversation with the director, we realized that Brianna has been going there for four years and is one of two children who’ve been there the longest. They opened their doors in August 2006 and Brianna started going in November 2006, just after her 2nd birthday. I think we’re all going to miss that facility.

Here are a few pictures from that evening. I don’t like to post other people’s children so I chose a few of just B and Josh.

Brianna spent a ton of time riding this scooter (many of the adults also took a turn on it. Here’s a hint: they don’t mix with beer).

This is Ms. Rosemary, who’s been Brianna’s teacher for the past three years. We’re going to miss her.

Proof that my husband is just a big kid.

Further proof.

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