Hey look! Thanks to the fabulous Frauke of Croco Designs (sorry, no hyperlink because I’m blogging from the weird WordPress app on the iPad) I have a new look here on the site. Look around and tell me what you think and if you see any glitchy stuff that’s not working. She updated both my home page and my banner, while still using my brand image–isn’t it fabulous?

Not only do we have a new template and a new banner, but she also added a Recipes page at the top. So now, every time I add a new recipe, it will show up in the list on that page, which is alphabetized. I’m going to go through and update all of the recipe posts with actual recipe titles, to make browsing the alphabetized list.

Also in the Land of Angie, I went to see Reba in concert this weekend with my friends Trish and Mindy, thus the cowgirl pictures. I loved having an excuse to pull out this cowboy hat, since it’s a little more fancy than the one I usually wear out and about. And it’s been a few months since the cowboy boots came out thanks to summer. I LOVE my boots, so glad it’s almost that time of year when I can wear them daily again. This was my third time seeing Reba in the past 2 decades and she remains as fabulous as always. Opening for her was Melissa Peterman, who played Barbara Jean on Reba. She was funny and it was so good to revisit the show. I had a great time with my girls, and I loved being able to see Reba again.

Currently, I’m visiting Casa Wendell (aka Sarah Wendell from Smart Bitches and her family) for a few days. The first thing to greet me as I came in the door was a fantastic “Kindle” welcome sign. And the adorable dogs (pictured).

But the really big news? My baby lost her first tooth last night! I was afraid she was going to lose it while I was gone, but she wiggled it around until it was just barely hanging on yesterday, and then Josh yanked it out. The tooth fairy visited this morning and left her $5 in exchange for that first tooth. She has an adorable little gap-toothed smile now. When did she get old enough to start losing teeth? And to start kindergarten? Next week. That was another first for us this weekend–on Sunday B and I went shopping for school supplies. The first time I’ve ever had to shop for school supplies for her. Waaah!

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